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Daisy Daze Homeware

Sea Blue Ornate Planter

Sea Blue Ornate Planter

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Echoing a traditional design that’s both timeless and chic this ceramic planter is adorned with a beautifully ribbed texture. 

This planter is a fantastic choice for medium-sized plants, offering them ample room to thrive while being compact enough to fit comfortably on a variety of surfaces, be it a sideboard, shelf, or the kitchen table.

The soft sea blue colour is versatile enough to blend with various décor styles and is perfect for plant enthusiasts looking for an elegant touch or anyone aiming to add a bit of nature’s charm into their living space. This planter is more than just a home for your green friends; it’s a piece of art that brings a breath of fresh air to any environment.


W: 22.5cm x H: 15.5cm

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